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Wednesday, March 08, 2006


8th March 2006

It�s International Women�s Day � which started in 1917 in Russia! And
today myself and Graham are in Pittsburgh, PA. The weather is fine � at
least it�s not snowing and not too cold either. We started in Chicago and
had a concert in the World Folk Music Company and had a really lovely night.
We did a long drive then up to Scottville in Michigan, which is very close
to Lake Michigan. The place was full of snow and really cold but sunny,
lovely weather. We had a very enjoyable concert at the West Shore Community
College and spent the next morning having snowball fights on the shores of
the lake in Ludington. The view was stunning and it was great to see so
much snow. I know it was cold in Ireland at the time but snow is such a

We made the long trip over to the other side of the State and arrived in Ann
Arbor where we had a concert in The Ark, which is one of the most wonderful
venues in the whole of the USA. It had been 10 years since I had performed
there, I couldn�t believe it was that long. Our audience was wonderful and
sang along with some of the songs � it was just a great night.

And now, today, we�re in Pittsburgh � and I�m singing that wonderful song �
Squirrel Hill by Jules Shear. From the house here I can see Squirrel Hill �
I often sing this song to myself because it evokes a wonderful feeling of
comfort � so it�s great to actually sing it while looking at the hill.
Tonight we�re in the Pittsburgh Irish Centre. Last night, after a great
meal with our hosts Bruce and Maggie Foley, we went to the Harp and Fiddle
pub where Tuesday night is Set dancing night. I was given the best dancer
in the place and we danced a Clare Plain set, my favourite. I was very
winded afterwards because I�m so unfit for dancing but every time I dance I
say to myself, I must get back on track � hasn�t happened yet though!

So we�re having a nice day here in Pittsburgh before the madness of the next
9 days which will see us drive a fair few hundred miles, ending in
Washington where we head off to San Diego. I�ll try to write again when I�m
next near a computer.

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