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Wednesday, November 15, 2006


The Best Weekend in the World! Ennis trad fest was just brilliant. Thursday night's concert was 'At First Light' with Donal O'Connor and John McSherry, Ruben Bada, Alan Burke and Francie McIlduff. Brilliant music and an excellent gig despite being at midnight when all revellers were fairly nicely. I was blown away by the music and the performance in general. The album has not left my CD player since.

Friday night was great too. Mike McGoldrick and Dezi Donnelly along with Jim Murray and John Joe Kelly. Again fantastic music and tunes. They were joined by Grace Kelly and Johnny Ringo McDonagh - brill! I sound like I'm raving but it seriously was an excellent performance.

Saturday afternoon, we met for the singing session, which was good but a bit frustrating as the Rugby matches were on. Saturday night we were back out to the Auburn Lodge for Fisherstreet, who had not played in 15 years - and they were great! Great traditional music and wonderful tunes. I nipped into the Trad Disco for a little while before it got busy - and it was great craic - loads of people jumping round with pints in hand, and not spilling a drop - despite falling all over the place!

Sunday and it was off to the Ashford Court for another singing session, which turned out to be great and went on for hours. But we headed off to Steele's for the session. I snuck away to the concert which was the best yet! Jean Michel Veillon and Jamie McMenemy - sublime.

Monday, and by this stage everyone is just wrecked! I steered clear of the drink for most of the weekend - except wine at dinner which, like my father, I don't count as drink! There were two lovely sessions in Cruises and I played for 2 hours in one - my fingers were hanging off me - as I've only recently started playing guitar again! I decided it would be better if I headed on home because the Teada gig wasn't on till midnight and I was busy in Dublin on Tuesday - so I packed up my guitar and headed home, having had the best weekend in years and years. Thanks to John, Carmel, Mike and all the team for the best yet!


  • At 11/27/2006 10:37:00 p.m., Blogger Michel Sikiotakis said…

    Hi Niahm,

    Thanks for the great report. Could'nt make the Trad Fest this year, too bad :(

    Jean-Michel is spelled "Veillon" And Jamie is spelled "McMenemy" JFYTK ;)

    Hope you're keeping well.

    All the best,



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