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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

St. Puy

What a lovely weekend in St. Puy, France. Hosted by Ken Eaton, myself and Graham were treated royally. Arriving in Biarritz on Friday, we were picked up by Ken and his friend Angela, who brought us back to St. Puy, stopping for lunch on the way in a most beautiful restaurant, where we had to have duck! We had a relatively quiet night in Ken's wonderful house on Friday. But I was quite ill with a chest infection, on anti-biotics (which meant very little alcohol - no harm there) - so I had to rest a lot on Saturday, which I did. Graham entertained all round by playing the guitar for about 4 hours, while Ken cooked dinner for the multitude who would be arriving after the sound-check.

Our concert was to be held in the town of St. Puy. This was the first concert of it's kind, and Ken had done trojan work gathering people for it. It was a most unusual concert, in that there was about 120 people there, 100 of them were British!! And only about 20 French people - amazing - so everybody could understand me - which was great as I didn't have to strain by brain trying to speak French (which always turns out Irish or Italian!) Anyway - Ken's band opened up the night - then we went on for our usual 1.5 hours, and the night was finished by Franc on his piano - amazing singer/entertainer!

Sunday saw us at Chez Nous in the town, where after an amazing meal, we got the guitars out and had a lovely afternoon session. Sunday night we tried to recuperate - and both myself and Ken lost to Graham at Scrabble - what is Qi anyway!!!

A very big thank you to Ken Eaton for all his hard work - he brought people together for a night, introduced them to his favourite music, and everybody had a great time!

Special mentions go to Angela, David, Eric & Chris, Catherine, Chez Nous Staff and Franc! Thanks so much - we'll do that again - anytime!!


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