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Saturday, April 28, 2007


As I had my birthday in Copenhagen, I felt left out at home, so when I came home from Denmark, myself and my two girlfriends decided to attend the Dame Tavern tuesday session, and sing our hearts out.......none of the students had ever heard us, and as it happened it was such a noisy night that it was hard to hear anything. However word had gone around, and it was an amazing night, with past pupils, 2nd years and 1st years all turning up for the craic! The session was great fun and although it should finish before 10, we stayed there and sang backing vocals with the singer/songwriters who normally perform there. Lots of slagging, drinking (I don't think I put my hand in my pocket!) and even a birthday cake! We went to Gogarty's afterwards, and danced and drank the night away! Thanks to all my friends for a great night!


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