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Friday, October 06, 2006


Where to start! I didn't have an opportunity to write any thing while on the road.
Unfortunately we had a rather rough start, as Hurricane Gordan swept into Ireland, all cross-channel boats were cancelled so we had to fly to Exeter to catch our first concert of the tour in The Plough Arts Centre in Torrington. It turned out to be a lovely concert despite the fact that I hate singing on the day I fly. But up next day and back to Exeter to fly home, picked up the car and straight on to the Norfolk Line boat to Liverpool that night. Arriving at 6 am the next day we drove down to Bournemouth, where luckily we were in the capable hands of our friends Mike and Margaret who put us to bed for a few hours - well I slept, I think Graham just talked and sampled the wine! And then off to our concert in the Centre Stage at the Pig and Whistle, which is usually a comedy venue but we had a lovely night there. Unfortunately, we had to have some craic after the concert back at the house in the good company of Linda and Les, oh dear, more wine! But it was fine because we were off the next day, and spent a leisurely day having lunch and then driving to Ormskirk, near Preston, to stay with our good friend Davey Edge. We had a brilliant indian meal (they just have the best indian food over there in England) and finished the night with our friend Tony Gibbons who hosts a singers night in a local wine club.

Our concert the following night was in Tony Gibbon's local folk club, Magull. A lovely club, it's been running for many years and has a lovely atmosphere. I really enjoyed the night - Thanks Tony.

Next day we had a short trip to Blackpool, where we were royally treated by the Greens, who run the local Folk club - what lovely people. Our support for the night was Andrew Green, who I found was very entertaining, and great choice of songs.

Off then to Newcastle, where we happened on a European Cup match night - at home with Newcastle. The Irish centre was jammed with black and white jerseys until about twenty five past seven - then it was all clear for a few hours - luckily Newcastle won their match. But the gig turned out to be lovely, with good sound and we were well looked after by Tony Corcoran and wish them a lot of luck with their upcoming Irish week.

And then a long drive down to London. The weather was very bad, with heavy rain, so we decided to take the scenic route, via the A1 instead of the M1, and luckily for us, there were no traffic jams although we could hear on the radio that the M1 was at a standstill. Anyway, we arrived safely and on time to London. Our concert was in the Hammersmith and Fulham Irish centre, run by the very beautiful and competent Rosalind. We were surprised and delighted to meet Don Mescall who was doing the first half hour of the concert. What a wonderful musician, singer and most of all, songwriter. I just fell in love with his music. A Limerick man living in the UK, Don's name is becoming very popular on the strength of his brilliant song writing. Check him out! - gorgeous!

Following day, it's back up the A1 to Selby near York, where we had a lovely concert in the Town Hall - a lovely venue to finish the tour with.

Thanks to Emerging Music for a lovely trip!

Holland And Belgium

I know, I haven't had a chance to write for a long time, just too busy and didn't think about it. But we had a great trip to Holland, over to our good friends Liesbeth and Peter. We did a concert in The Trouble Tree folk club on the Friday night, which was really good and well attended, and in fact we have a DVD of it, which I haven't watched yet! Saturday saw us in a most beautiful cathedral in Leiden, Hooglandse of Sint Pancraskerk, where we put on a concert for a birthday party, what a novel idea. I'll upload a photo when I get a chance. And on Sunday, we were driven by Peter and Liesbeth down to Antwerp in Belgium for a lovely little concert in a wonderful venue - Folkclub Den Heksenketel where we met Phillippe Masure, and strangely enough we bumped into Johnny Ringo McDonagh, who was out and about, and that was a lovely surprise, though he missed the concert as he was playing himself somewhere else. As usual every night was spent drinking tea (me and Liesbeth) and Janever (Peter and Graham) and listening to wonderful music of all genres - it was a lovely, comfortable, friendly trip. Thanks so much to L and P for the wonderful hospitality.